Control your Shutter Speed for more Impact in your Photography

Let’s have a look at the sec­ond part of the “expo­sure tri­an­gle” to get some more pho­tog­ra­phy foun­da­tion laid: Shut­ter Speed. We already learned about Aper­ture in Part I of the series: What is Aper­ture in Pho­tog­ra­phy Part III will be an upcom­ing arti­cle about ISO, and then we have all parts togeth­er. Glob­al Pho­to Club So, let’s talk about shut­ter speed. It … Read more

Joining a Photo Club – The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Photo by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash

I’m a fan of pho­to clubs, that’s not a secret. But why should you join one as well? Let’s find out. Glob­al Pho­to Club The Good Pho­to clubs are a place where you find like-mind­ed pho­to enthu­si­asts and you can talk shop, show off your lat­est gear, learn about pho­tog­ra­phy from oth­er peo­ple, and look at beau­ti­ful images. You … Read more

Learning the Brenizer method

Chessboard with pieces and shallow depth of field

A while ago I came across this inter­est­ing pho­to­graph­ic tech­nique when I was explor­ing panoram­ic pho­tog­ra­phy. The Breniz­er method is basi­cal­ly a com­bi­na­tion of two con­cepts into a method for pro­duc­ing a spe­cif­ic visu­al style: Cre­at­ing a shal­low Depth of Field (DoF) with a wide open Aper­ture and a tele­pho­to lens Shoot­ing mul­ti­ple images of that shal­low DoF focus plane to cre­ate a wider field of … Read more

Get-it-Right-in-Camera vs Image Post-Processing

Mod­i­fy­ing images after cap­ture. Do it or not? That is here the ques­tion. “Get ready for the rum­ble! In the red cor­ner, the new kid on the block, twen­­ty-year-old ‘Po’ S.T. Pro­cess­ing, from the dig­i­tal trench­es; And in the blue cor­ner, the grand old grand­fa­ther of pho­tog­ra­phy, ‘All’ I.N. Cam­era, are prepar­ing to bat­tle it … Read more

What is Aperture in Photography?

Pho­tog­ra­phy is a won­der­ful hob­by which teas­es and exer­cis­es your brain. You will nev­er run out of con­cepts to mas­ter, and one of the first con­cepts you will come across is ‘Aper­ture’. Every cam­era needs it to exist. You want to know if this arti­cle for you? If you do not know all the fol­low­ing in the … Read more