The Photographer Academy – get it free for one year

The Pho­tog­ra­ph­er Acad­e­my mem­ber­ship free for a year A cou­ple of weeks ago I got a tip from a fel­low club mem­ber of my local pho­to club. He said there is a UK based pho­to com­mu­ni­ty web­site who decid­ed to make their low­est mem­ber­ship plan free for a year (nor­mal­ly £49).  I took on the offer and got some good infor­ma­tion from … Read more


London Building

First post on Glob­alPho­to­Club! It takes a while to set­up the web­site and get every­thing in order. Some things are still rough around the edges, so you can expect more con­tent and func­tions in future. The About page is fin­ished, and you can con­tact me via the Con­tact page. I have the first arti­cle already pub­lished on … Read more