What’s on the plate for 2023? Printing!

I thought about what the year 2023 should bring, and I decid­ed to progress a num­ber of per­son­al projects I had in my mind. One top­ic will be print­ing on your home inkjet print­er.  Peo­ple might under­es­ti­mate the capa­bil­i­ties of their office print­er; some are quite capa­ble of pro­duc­ing beau­ti­ful prints good enough to enter into com­pe­ti­tions. I … Read more

Next year 2023

It is time to reflect on the past year, and what has been done (or not). There is no way to white­wash it, I just have to admit that I neglect­ed the web­site this year. There are rea­sons for it, but for you as the read­er it does not real­ly mat­ter, there was just no new con­tent. … Read more


London Building

First post on Glob­alPho­to­Club! It takes a while to set­up the web­site and get every­thing in order. Some things are still rough around the edges, so you can expect more con­tent and func­tions in future. The About page is fin­ished, and you can con­tact me via the Con­tact page. I have the first arti­cle already pub­lished on … Read more