Next year 2023

It is time to reflect on the past year, and what has been done (or not). There is no way to white­wash it, I just have to admit that I neglect­ed the web­site this year. There are rea­sons for it, but for you as the read­er it does not real­ly mat­ter, there was just no new con­tent. I’m sor­ry for that. 

Look­ing for­ward to the year 2023, I want to revive the web­site and bring new con­tent to it. I might also spend some time to change the lay­out, as I had some tech­ni­cal issue with some plu­g­ins recent­ly, so be pre­pared to have some dis­rup­tions. This is just to let you know that the web­site is not dead, just a Zom­bie until I find my new rhythm for main­tain­ing it properly.

I wish you all a Mer­ry Christ­mas and a Hap­py New Year 2023! I’m excit­ed to bring the web­site for­ward and give back to the Pho­tog­ra­phy com­mu­ni­ty what I received over the years.

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