Chromatic Aberrations – Learn how to remove them from your images

Bird With Chromatic Aberration Twig

Beginner’s guide for deal­ing with Chro­mat­ic Aber­ra­tions If you look up what Chro­mat­ic Aber­ra­tion is, and you end up on the Wikipedia page for that search term, you are quick­ly over­whelmed by optic tech­ni­cal terms. But don’t dis­miss the top­ic because of that, as Chro­mat­ic Aber­ra­tions do not care if you under­stand them or not. … Read more

How to Remove Sensor Spots

Spots anim

How to avoid dust spots on your images, and how to remove them if it was too late Wel­come to the won­der­ful world of dust and soft­ware. The epic bat­tle between the phys­i­cal and dig­i­tal world. Or how a sim­ple piece of dust can spark a shop­ping spree. The above para­graph makes no sense to you? Fear not, it … Read more

About that unintentional “Dutch angle”

The intentional Dutch angle

How to get your image straight in 10 dif­fer­ent pho­to edi­tors Do you remem­ber my last arti­cle about the things you can improve on for your next pho­to club com­pe­ti­tion? You remem­ber the unin­ten­tion­al “Dutch angle”? If you want to know what it means, or how to get rid of it, then this arti­cle is for you. … Read more