First post on Glob­alPho­to­Club! It takes a while to set­up the web­site and get every­thing in order. Some things are still rough around the edges, so you can expect more con­tent and func­tions in future. The About page is fin­ished, and you can con­tact me via the Con­tact page. I have the first arti­cle already pub­lished on Medium.com here, and I will post it here once I fig­ured out how that works with the canon­i­cal URLs. There is quite a bit to learn when you set­up a new web­site, but that will be most­ly hid­den from you.

You are prob­a­bly here because you want to read my arti­cles about Pho­to Club Pho­tog­ra­phy, right? So enjoy the place, stay a while, and if you like it, drop me a line.

Thanks for your time!

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