Link to article from John Cornicello about subject reflection, diffusion, light modifiers

I just stum­bled across an arti­cle about a num­ber of top­ics I was inter­est­ed in for prod­uct pho­tog­ra­phy, espe­cial­ly how sur­face reflec­tions behave in dif­fer­ent light­ing and with dif­fer­ent light mod­i­fiers and dis­tance from the subject.

So instead of rehash­ing it here, I link to the source below.

Thanks, John Cor­ni­cel­lo, for mak­ing that resource avail­able for all of us!

[link to article about studio lighting of objects – by John Cornicello]

John explains in his arti­cle a num­ber of impor­tant con­cepts when try­ing to light sub­jects in a stu­dio envi­ron­ment. Sur­face reflec­tions, dif­fu­sion light mod­i­fiers, dis­tance of the light source from the sub­ject, these things.

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